Blundered by The Borrower

An MFA Thesis exhibition mounted at Eastworks studio in Easthampton Mass. (2015)

"The fact is, our engagement with static, two-dimensional images is so common that we are wired to experience them quickly, taking them for granted without applying much ideological scrutiny. This ubiquity can be exploited to serve a subversive agenda, one that illuminates the critical lapse we experience as consumers of media, saturated by its presence. The homogenization of disparate media by methods of drawing and painting provide a leveling strategy in which to criticize and consider the more troubling aspects of popular image culture as well as encourage an opportunity to slow down and view these considered constructions differently. Our shared experience with flat images yields an effective, discursive potential, allowing me to move between subjects, unfettered by their intended purpose or placement. I would hope that my work does not attempt to answer questions or serve as blatant, propagandized condemnation, but instead reflects and reorganizes my experience as a citizen of the U.S. by use of distorted figuration, familiar/generic environments, and references from 20th century western painting, its history and traditions, popular culture, and a bottomless social network feed."